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As you know that solar power used for solar string monitoring unit especial,if there comes more solar PV company what will be  the results?

Tongjunge(a company producing solar-log string monitoring systems) announced on February 17th, considerate corporate restructuring into assets and set out the assets has been completed finished, and SAIC has approved consent, the company name will be changed to "energy-saving solar Co., Ltd.", which means Tong Junge pharmaceutical stocks will be transformed into a photovoltaic stocks, using with solar power stock market. and It is reported that before this changes, zhongjie energy is the largest energy-saving solar photovoltaic power generation business.

tongjunge received formal approval China Securities Regulatory Commission  Last December 17th, approved the company's major asset restructuring and purchase of assets from China and other energy-saving and Environmental Protection Group and issue shares to raise matching funds. The company's largest shareholder Taiji Group has held a 20% stake in the company (that is, about 5492.62 million) transfer to a solar energy-saving Technology Co., Ltd. (now renamed as "energy-saving Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd.", hereinafter referred to as " solar energy-saving ") shareholders and their designated third party.

Solar energy-saving shareholders Tong Junge set out the assets of 300 million yuan in cash and the underlying shares of the transferee as consideration. Taiji Group and its shareholders receive the solar energy designated third party to pay the full equity transfer of the cash portion of $ 300 million on Feb 16th. Up to now, Tong Junge  has completed asset transfer procedures.

Tongjunge Bulletin also shows that the former company board members all resign, Cao Huabin , Lijuan , Songai Zhen , Zhang will learn , Tian Bu Ji Chen in a group from the new owner , " cabinet ." In addition , the relevant articles of  association, registered capital, business scope as well as independent directors , board of supervisors and other candidates also changed accordingly .With the change the company name and business scope , Tong Junge 's performance has sharply improved.