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With the rapid development of power electronics technology, power electronic devices and is closely related to people's work and life, and the electronic equipment is inseparable from the reliable power supply, into the 80 s computer power supply realize the switching mode power supply, which finished the power generation transfer, in the 90 s switching power supply have entered various electronic, electrical equipment, program-controlled switches, communications, electronic test equipment such as power supply, control equipment power supply has been widely used for switching power supply, promoting the rapid development of the technology of switching power supply.

Now, digital TV, LED, IT, security, high-speed, emerging in the field of intelligent applications such as intelligent factory will greatly promote the development of switch power supply market.

Shanghai electronics show will be the grand opening of the much-anticipated Munich, in power theme pavilion on March 18th to 20th in 2014, the Vicor, SynQor, jie billiton, Emerson and so on  will take attend the international line switching power supply exhibition.

In 2014, consumer electronics, communications equipment, industrial application, military and security fields will become the five mainly market, expanding the switching power supply module market fast development. In 2014, switching mode power supply market also presents four characteristics.