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                                                   What is the difference between power module and power supply?

Most beginners wana to ask a question that’s whether power module is power supply or not? Today, CHONDA technology tell you that “totally NO”, there are tiny power (or micro power) and high power differences. Power module is applied to the countless industries, so the power watts is different to different. For example: the power meter industry are generally used in micro power, the communications industry in general with high power more, but these are not absolutelly. Oversea market are filed in the higher or big power,  small power in domestic is half to half. 

Power supply is the device that provide the power to all lots of the electronic products and convert the other form energy into the electronic devices; power module is the power converter. Can control the power energy type and control the device as well, so the power supply is actually a power converter, you can check many DC DC converters and AC DC converters in our website  with difference input and output and the power. 

Simplly understanding is that the power module is the standard power supply was being tiny volumed and easy to use. Power module characteristics: 
1, small size, all the features enclosed in a modular product; 
2, modular power supply can be easy to replace, while some products can also be redundant power supply; 
3, irrigation power module has against the moisture, earthquake, flame retardant and other protection characteristics; 
The power module has variouse founctions, but most of the power supply is designed with switching power supply, mainly in order to reduce the size and weight, so it is almost the same as the ordinary power supply, but the function will be a little better, the  density of the power supply will be higher. 
And then what’s the DC-DC converter advantages?
One of our engineer said that,  as for DC-DC converter, don’t just check the smallest size appearance, but afford the highest founctions, for example LCD TV motherboard all the low dropout power supply, basically provided by DC DC converters. Its ability is to enter the high voltage, convertered into the required low voltage.