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 Filament lamp will be completely stop   Led lighting industry bring the update

From the October 1st  this year, China will ban the import and sales of more than 60 watts and general  filament lamp; Since the October 1st , 2016, China will ban the import and sales of more than 15 watts and incandescent bulbs. The professor thinks that during the incandescent lamp production gradually disable,which would fully upgrade lighting industry, and especially the LED lamp is expected to remain 20% - 30% average annual growth rate in the future, will also gain huge business opportunities.

The professor think that according to two or three years ago, many consumers are difficult to distinguish the concept even the LED light and  of energy-saving lamps are . But now, with the popularization of knowledge of energy saving and LED lighting application in public buildings, the consumer has make the progress on the Led lamp. At the same time,with the technology as the industry matures, the price of the product also is become closer to residents. In the past year, the LED manufacturing costs fell by more than 10%.

"Phase out filament lamp roadmap will promote the implementation of the LED lighting to replace traditional light source, but the LED light  still at a disadvantage on the price competition are, LED lights are still hard to become the main force of domestic lighting stage in short time." The relevant person in charge of China lighting association said, due to the government's promotion, technical maturity, significantly enhance the public's awareness of energy saving, LED light is expected to remain 20% - 30% of the average annual growth rate in the future.

LED industry has been faced with the lack of standard problem. "Power, lighting and other professional index, is one of the key elements for consumers to judge the quality of the products, but many products haven’t package mark. In the industry point view, many manufactures announce the  price advantage, attracting consumers to choose the lower cost products, without non-guarantee quality. According to the current normal LED lights manufacturing costs, no less than 6-7 yuan / W, when consumers buying LED products, do not blindly pursuing for price, have to professional indicators learn more about the product, like the quality assurance period, etc.