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                           Why can not use BUCK circuit to step down 220V to 5V?

Many new learners always as such kind of question “Why can not use BUCK circuit to step down 220V to 5V?” you know, the general AC DC is convert though the electrical bridge into a direct current AC power, and then do voltage conversion, the voltage of the winding system is really being testing. So must be easy to buck the 220v to 5v?
No one said “no”, but we have to balance the various aspects, choose the most reasonable and perfect idea the Low-power auxiliary power supply are a lot of direct BUCK to 5V, 12V, 18V, 24V, the home appliance is still quite a lot of use. But limited small power situation. The current is not big ,,, electricity rectifier directly after the BUCK down to 5V, the pressure difference is too large, the duty cycle is bound to be very small, the peak current is very large, and the conduction time may be in the ns level, and this is not general controller can get it. Such large difference in the situation, to slightly improve the conversion power, could consider use tap inductance, we do not know the tap inductance test people or not. Lol…

Any way, most 220v to 5v we use AC DC converter and don’t use dc dc buck converter circuit to finish.
The ouput of buck circuit is relevance of the load?

Sure, in relation to the Buck circuit, the dc dc buck circuit according to load to adjusts the PWM wave. Buck, Boost circuit all have a load regulation rate of the parameters, some of the circuit to do better,under the full load and no load output voltage changes only a few mV, some be worse.
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