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What's a iosolated DC DC converter and non-isolated DC DC converter ? such kind of question confused some friends. Now we will show you 4 ways to make the excatly idea about it and clarify the difference.

  • DC / DC module is a DC-DC power converter module , the isolated and non-isolated definitely refers to rectifier filter whether to add the transformer or not, plus the transformer for isolation , without transformer is non-isolated , generally speaking, most of the DC-DC power modules are isolated , as the isolated module with higher
    security, and for design that the isolated application equipment can work with lower requirement. the isolated dc to dc converter power module need to step-down the voltage and then send to power modules,but the non-isolated directly send to the power modules through the 220V,note that the power chips are all isolated now .
  • What's the mainly difference between isolated and non-isolated dc-dc power module ?  Isolated dc-dc power module means the input and ouput all isolated and independent ground Non-isolated dc-dc power converter module means the input and output with common ground. Chonda tech power supply switching converters includes the 1000VDC,1500VDC, 3000VDC,4500VDC isolated power supply switching converters,and the dual isolated dual output(input to input isolation and output to output isolation).
  • Isolated dc-dc power converter module input port use the 1: 1 Industrial Frequency Transformer isolation with electric; and there is no risk of electric shock no matter which line has been touched, because the isolated dc-dc power module doesn't connect the earth. but the non-isolated dc dc power module both the input and out voltage all connect the earth,it's highly risk while touch the wires.

As for the selection, depends on what the occasion for using , and care that the isolated power module with higher calorific value, it is recommended to use non-isolated if you are just an ordinary use.

  • How to easily master whether it's isolated or non-isolated ?  Simple test , the current non-isolated power supply market , is a ground -side control , we can use a multimeter for testing , if rectifying the amount of the positive electrode ( anode plot output ) is positive and the power output is turned on is a non- isolated power supply , if not definitely isolated power supply . it's hard for new beginner only check the transformer and get the excatly answer whether isolated or non-isolated.