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Specifications, market and product quality in CHINA, has always been the best products quality in state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises, but as the enterprise restructuring, reorganization, quite a number of large companies still bloated, debt, equipment aging and old products.

To improve the quality of instrument and meter industry products, the first thing to recognize: since the instrument and meter industry belongs to the high-tech fields, the development must follow the rules of economies of scale, the more complicated instrument structure, the higher the mechanical and electrical integration, the more need the mechanization and automation of machining technology, small or manual craft production cannot create modern instruments.

CHINA Should support high and new technology enterprise,
propped up potential product researched by universities and research institutes, guide its associated with powerful enterprise groups, to speed up the pace of the industrialization of scientific research achievements. These areas should include the silicon micro processing technology, computer technology, electromechanical integration of nanometer technology in combination instrument; Support the cognizance of fostering object should aim at the market and benefit, desalt the identification of the object and forms of ownership.

In the face of foreign competition and the grim situation. On the other hand, with the arrangement of reform, Chinese state and local governments gradually withdraw from the administrative management of enterprises, and competition from the villages and towns of the private enterprise is unfair, instrument and meter industry product quality, compared with the developed countries, the gap is widening trend.

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