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                     The latest EU RoHS module power requirements

May 27, 2011 The EU Council completed the revision of RoHS (hereinafter RoHS2.0) on May 27th, 2011, the revised RoHS Directive although still some restricted substances like lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls and polybrominated diphenyl ether. But the scope of  electrical and electronic products required RoHS expanded the original WEEE in medical devices and monitoring equipment are also included in the condition of RoHS certificate. In RoHS2.0 adopted the words "all other electrical and electronic" sort of statement, almost all electrical and electronic  products come into the RoHS control range. Meanwhile photovoltaic solar panels, energy saving lamps, military products aerospace products, large fixtures, except the two electric car transport for people or cargo, portable medical devices or Research or business equipment, more than 10 categories of products temporarily out of the RoHS control.
In addition, medical equipment RoHS2.0 control start from July 22, 2014 l, medical devices control start from July 22th, 2016, industrial monitoring equipment start from July 22th,2017.RoHS1.0 version has no obviouse RoHS mark, but in RoHS2.0 version EU combine the RoHS and CE certification and CE certificate must comply with the EMC Directive, Low Voltage Directive also need to meet RoHS2.0 directive, so that it allows to post CE label.
In order to better control electronic products and module power, RoHS2.0 define the entire production aspects - "Manufacturer" "authorized representative", "importer", "Distribution quotient "  but RoHS1.0 version only defined "Manufacturer"responsibilities.