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Install the solar photovoltaic system in the enterprises and the factories that allows the roof to be a clean power stations,such kind of electricity has been very much welcomed by business owners . Fragmentation solar photovoltaic roof insulation not only improves the situation of a significant reduction in the cost of land , but also to create some economic benefits for the enterprise, and achieving the energy saving performance of government departments requirements. Effectively solute the high temperature limitation and high electricity costs of the company.

What's the advantages of Solar Power Sytems installation for Commercial and Industrial power systems?
Installation of solar photovoltaic power generation system not only provides the power needed for the plant thermal insulation,but also play the role to do physical cooling . The laying of solar panels on the roof , could reduce 2 ℃ -4 ℃ than the average temperature in summer , air conditioning energy consumption can save 30% -40 %. The plant temperature drops, to avoid heatstroke workers , increase productivity , reduce production costs and improve the competitiveness of enterprises , and create a second business profit center.
Realted data show that the dometic existing building area of ??more than 40 billion square meters , of which residential buildings accounted for 70% , 15% of industrial buildings , 15% of public buildings. Basised the data, even if the proportion of industrial buildingsia low, but the combination of revenue and the residents demand , the industrial and commercial rooftop projects have been quite attractive.
According to estimates of the industry estimatation, without considering the cost of financing the case ,with a 20,000 square meters of the  roof, if install 2 MW photovoltaic power plant , and let's figure the investment cost per watt is 8 yuan, total investment is RMB 16 million yuan . If the annual generation is 2.4 million , according to 1 RMB per kilowatt basis, the annual generating revenue will be RMB 240 million yuan. In the absence of price subsidies case , which needs about 6-7 years to get the investment cost . If another subsidy per kWh 0.45 yuan , and could get the investment cost less than 6 years. If there is local subsidies , the investment cost will need less time .
The development of photovoltaic energy-hungry for some large usage of power systems , which can be said to serve multiple purposes , either to get the corresponding benefits through solar power generation, but also solve the problem of peak load shifting power rationing peak period encountered . The summer approaching, facing the heat inside the factory , and some times with the un-ecough electricity supply, which severely affect the production schedule of the production.Wana to install the solar power systems?