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Solar PV power potential large development

In 1980 the United Nations held the New Energy and Renewable Energy Conference and define a new energy as: new technologies and new materials, based on the traditional renewable energy development and utilization of modern get to replace the limited resources, the environment polluting fossil energy, focusing on the development of solar, wind, biomass, tidal, geothermal, hydrogen and nuclear power.New energy development achieved the alternative of traditional energy sources, is effective solution to solve our current energy supply and demand tension .

Due to oil price drop sharply in 2014, the development of new energy industry was also raised dangerouse to the residents, but compared with the previous round of oil price decrease, the new energy industry looks not any more be fragile. First, the development of China's solar PV power industry entered the era of the beat - with export-oriented photovoltaic industry will shift to China, and then propped up a world's largest PV market. China's PV industry on technological progress, improve policies, market acceptance aspects have achieved good results. Faced with plummeting oil prices situation, China's  PV  power  development also showed full of tenacity. Second, the development of wind power draw up a worldwide decline in the cost curve, close to the cost of thermal power generation side. This used to be one of the ultimate goals for renewable energy development.  In 2014 based on the development of mechanical kinetic energy technology, the worldwide decline in the cost of wind power began to lead the clean energy. The offshore wind power and other related policies, but also to expand the territory of wind power in China's energy field as possible. Finally, because of the unique characteristics of nuclear policy level certainly gained in restructuring the energy of the world's largest energy consumer in the country have been given the task. 
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