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                                          Smart PV combiner box application

Smart PV combiner box
is used to connect the PV array and the inverter, providing lightning protection and over-current protection, and monitoring of the PV array voltage and lightning protection status, breaker status.In solar photovoltaic systems, in order to reduce the wiring between the array and the inverter of solar photovoltaic cells, users can connect in series the  certain, the same specifications of photovoltaic cells to form a photovoltaic tandem, then a number of PV Tandem parallel access to smart PV combiner box, after convergence in Smart PV combiner box, through the DC breaker output working with photovoltaic inverter so as to constitute a complete photovoltaic system, achieve to the city power grid. In order to improve the reliability and usefulness of the system can be configured to direct lightning PV-specific modules, DC fuses and circuit breakers in the smart PV combiner box, and set the working status indicator, lightning counters, user-friendly and timely and accurate grasp work of photovoltaic cells, ensure solar photovoltaic systems maximum effectiveness.

For large-scale grid-connected PV systems, in order to reduce the connecting wire between the PV modules and inverters, and easy to be maintained, improve reliability, normally need to install the DC combining device between PV modules and inverters . Using smart PV combiner box, users can inverter input DC voltage range, to a certain number of similar PV modules to form a tandem photovoltaic modules, and then access the serial number of the PV array combiner box,through lightning protection device and circuit breaker output, convenient access to the rear stage inverter.