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              Safety Instructions of Household Power Supply Need to Pay Attention To

Consumer electronic equipment like TVs, computer monitors, microwave ovens, and electronic flash units, use voltages at power levels that are potentially lethal.Household equipment like refrigerators, televisions, washing machines, air conditioners and other household appliances for the popularity of people's lives brought a lot of convenience. However, pay attention to the safe instruction when using power supply to avoid unnecessary damage.
Electrical appliances with metal housing should be equipped with a three-pin power plug. Some appliances may fail or when the enclosure may leak. Once the shell is charged, with the two feet of the power outlet, the human body has been exposed after the shock may be.
Household Power supply of large consumption appliances need to use a separate power outlet. Because the wires and sockets have a specified carrying capacity, if a variety of electrical appliances combined with a power outlet, when the current exceeds its rated flow, the wire will become too heat causing plastic insulation combustion.
When the voltage fluctuates is large has to use the protector. In daily life, instantaneous power failure or household power supply voltage fluctuations occur frequently exist, which is threat for refrigerator. If the household power supply was cut off after a short time (3 to 5 minutes) to restore power supply, the refrigerator compressor to has bear the starting current several times than the normal start-up current, may burn the compressor.