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                                                                                    PV power special power supply test report

Development and application of new energy sources has become a hot issue in the world, in a variety of new energy sources, PV  power is non-polluting, sustainable, total large, widely distributed, application forms, etc., are highly  valued  around the world. To stimulate and support the development of the domestic photovoltaic industry, the state launched a  subsidized price, support for distributed photovoltaic and other policy measures. Domestic photovoltaic companies are also  underway to develop the project. With the domestic market hot, competition will intensify further. However, most of the  construction of photovoltaic  power plants and other projects locate in Xinjiang and other remotely, sparsely populated 
areas, maintenance costs will be companies must concern. So the life and reliability of photovoltaic devices must be  guaranteed.

Here is part of PV power 15W model test report with the different voltage...