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                                                        Overview Of DC-DC Buck Converter


What’s DC-DC buck circuits?

BUCK circuit is a kind of DC-DC converter, simply speaking through the oscillation circuit and converer the DC voltage into a high-frequency power supply, and then through the pulse transformer, rectifier filter circuit release the required DC voltage, similar to switching power supply.
Generally speaking, BUCK / B0OST refers to the two basic DC-DC topology, or called the circuit structure, they use the components may be the same, but the composition of the components are different.

What’s the efficiency of  the majority DC-DC buck converter?

Commandly 70% to 98% are possible,  need to see what chip and power tube loss.

DC-DC Buck Converter VS DC-DC Boost Converter

BUCK type is the step-down DC-DC converter , and BOOST  type is the boost DC-DC converter. DC-DC buck converter basic principles: the power supply through an inductor to provide the power to load, while the inductance store part of the energy, and then disconnect the power, only left the Inductance provide the power to load.  With such a periodic work, by adjusting the relative time of power supply to achieve the output voltage regulation. DC-DC boost converter basic principles: the power supply storage the energy for to the inductor, and then consider the powered inductor as power supply and in series with the original power supply, thereby increasing the output voltage.