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                                                                  New battery life for 15 years

                                                                                             Anthor: admin    Time: 2014-07-15


Rechargeable batteries is necessary for modern people, but the short service characteristics  make a person very entanglements. Therefore, the university of southern California scientists have developed a life new batteries far beyond the traditional lithium-ion batteries, , the total time will be 15 years.

This new type of battery USES  "organic oxidation also influent flow design", the researchers will electro active materials dissolved in the water, put them respectively in the two storage pool. The liquid is then injected into the reaction chamber, a piece of film to separate them. Due to the electron transfer on both sides of the membrane, therefore electricity generate. Although this design is not initiative, but their contribution is to realize without heavy metal material, makes the battery very environmental protection, and also very cheap.

People are always focusing on solar power, after all it clean environmental protection. But at least in the short term, this kind of cheap and durable batteries more on practicality. According to introduce, the cost of the battery is only one over ten of the traditional lithium ion battery.

It is important to note that the new batteries currently is still far from the point of practical application, and huge volume can not meet the requirements of portable devices. The researchers promised they will continue to work hard on this field.