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State grid plans to install new smart meters to 60 million in 2014, plan to double. Industry development compared with 2013, points out that rural electric smart meters demand will continue to be moderate this year, to be the mainly market of smart meters market . 

State grid claimed in 2014, to effective implementation of the intelligent power grid planning, to start construction of 50 a new generation of intelligent substation in 2014, to finish 100 substations intelligent transformation, and install  60 million  new smart meters, At the same time, strengthen the rural power grid renovation and replacement, solve low-voltage electrical problems for 1.6 million residents in 2014, speed up the sichuan-tibet, etc electricity power construction.

Last year, at the beginning of the 2013 State grid working report required, using Internet of things, cloud computing and other modern technology, build a new generation of intelligent substation demonstration project, promote the distributed system to adjust the power grid, smart grid, power distribution automation project, etc. Install smart meters, new meters  30 million, modification 3 million meters, CHONDA TECH switching power supply will continue to increase research program on dc dc converter which adjust to smart meters, smart grid, and so on .

Compared with two years finding that the report has quantified the construction of a new generation of intelligent substation, intelligent substation work target, meanwhile,the smart meters installation quantity boost from 30 million to 60 million.On the Smart meters, state grid plan to finish 230 million purchasing task before 2015, some report points that by the end of 2013 total expected amount has reached 230 million.