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Impact of Interference on Medical Instruments and Equipment

1# Types of Interference

All electronic devices now produced contain electromagnetic interference filter circuits. Similarly, all switching power supplies have internal EMI filters. However, in some environments, the EMI filters for these electronic devices require auxiliary filters to meet more stringent electrical noise regulations or protect the device from excessive external noise sources.
The types of power disturbances include voltage drop, loss of power, frequency offset, electrical noise, surges, harmonic distortion, and transients.

2# Impact of Interference on Medical Instruments and Equipment

Electrocardiographs, monitors, ultrasound diagnostic devices, acupuncture electrotherapy devices or silver needles directly contact the human body's equipment and equipment, especially the equipment for detecting bioelectrical signals of human body, because the signal is very weak, if it is interfered, it will cause misdiagnosis, and at the same time, it also causes micro-shock, and in severe cases, life-threatening. If it is a 
medical instrument device with a computer system, when the amplitude of the peak interference in the common mode interference reaches 2V to 50V, and the time lasts several microseconds, it may cause a computer logic error or loss.