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How to Choose the DC DC Converter Power Module Manufacturer?

#1 Suitable for their own enterprise scale requirements

Some foreign brands are really quite good quality, such as VICOR, INTERPOINT, etc., but the price is not acceptable for all the users, and compared the delivery time is also quite long time than domestic brands. Some larger DC DC Converter Power Module in domestic module suppliers also has such kind of question, if your ordered model is not suppliers’ main shipping model, delivery time is also non-guaranteed. If you propose to customize a special power, for small and medium customers, it is simply unthinkable. But such as CHONDA POWER business, specifically for small and medium enterprises to provide power solutions, to provide customized services.

#2 Check out the product line situation

Such as DC DC Converter Power Module, whether it can provide like half brick, 1/4 brick, 1/8 brick, 1/16 brick such industrial product, if can’t available, shows the strength and scale of enterprise development is not big. The ability to customize the product, whether to provide a wealth of customized products, such as rail, electricity, military field of custom experience is still quite important.

#3 Commnucate with company’s FAE engineers

To understand the company implement design standards and design process. Such as the company’s product reliability design standards, derating standards, electrical safety standards, EMC standards. Module power new product design is a very rigorous process, a company that can promise you to deliver you a new product in a week is certainly an insecure company, the design details are very important, such as the power when the small overshoot and drop, feedback the stability of the network under extreme conditions, these big companies have done very well.

#4  Look at materials

Open a module power supply, look at power supply by yourself, better than to listen to other people say that the use of more. From the power supply products, you can see the quality of the power supply manufacturers and positioning, such as power supply materials, such as capacitors, MOSFETs, diodes and other key materials, can decide the power quality. First-tier manufacturers like DC DC Converter Power Module, large capacity MLCC capacitor is basically from TDK, Murata etc brand, tantalum basic choice is VISHAY, KEMET, AVX, etc., MOSFET is generally IR, VISHAY, ST, Renesas and so on. The poles are selected as ONSEMI, ST, IR, Infineon and so on. Power supply is a very important component.

#5 Look at product certification

Certification not only test the company’s technology, but also the strength of the company’s performance. Because the cost of certification is not low, but also from time to time audits, so small companies basically do not have any certification. All certification, the basic standards are basically the same, such as the safety is EN60950. But the certification body gold content is different, like 3C, TUV and the like, the ratio is easier, the cost is also lower. Like UL certification is still very strict, audits also ground, spend more, so to see a business there is no UL certification is still very important. To make a certificate just one model like UL certificate cost a big charge, as be checking that the single charge is about RMB 100000, So this is not the standard factors for clients considering. Some of the client don’t need the certificate but the better price and good quality, you know, for the trusted supplier, the quality is the best choice.

#6 Interact with the Sales man

This is very important factory when you prepare the order from manufacturer. some salesman do the best service before they client make the payment, and since they get the payment the attitude reversed 360C fastly. so try to taste and find good quality salesman for your products.