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                                               How To Solve The Biggest Problems With DC DC Converter? 
  1.  the power module to start difficult

In the power application circuit, always meet such questions that the power module output voltage is normal, but the output has no output voltage, the power supply module is still rather good, what is the reason? Perhaps the power module can not start?
  • external capacitor is too large;
  • capacitive load is too large;
  •  load current is too large;
  • Input power is not enough power.
  1) external capacitor is too large, when the power module starts and need to charging it for a longer time, so it is difficult to start, you need to select the appropriate capacitive load;
  2) capacitive load is too large, can in series of a suitable inductance;
  3) the output load is too heavy will causing extended start time, select the appropriate load;
  4) change to higher power input power module

       2. the power module burn quickly after get into power

Power module burning smoke after get into power, the input capacitor burst, what causes it?
  • The polarity of the input voltage is reversed;
  • The input voltage is much higher than the nominal voltage;
  • The polarity of the output terminal is reversed;
  • Output circuit is easy to make short circuit or external load in charging cause instantaneous high current.

  1) pay attention to inspect or anti-reverse protection circuit before the connect cables
  2) select the appropriate input voltage;
  3) check the polarity of the capacitor  and make sure is correct;
  4) Put short circuit protection at the output of the power module.
  3. the module power supply easy to damage
Power module becomes damage after some time, then change to the new power module, damaged again, whether is power module quality problems or inappropriate use ?
  • The output load is too light to reduce the reliability ;
  • The output capacitor is too large to cause damage to the module when it starts.
  • The input terminal voltage is too long to make the power module input switch tube to be damaged.
        1) to ensure that the output is not less than 10% of the rated load, if the real circuit work has no load, please in parallel a fake load rated 10% power at the output.
        2) Select the capacitor that complies with the specifications of the power module technical manual;
     3) Select the appropriate input voltage.
        4. poor pressure

The isolated power module voltage up to several thousand volts, but in the application circuit, what factors will greatly reduce its pressure capacity?
  • Pressure tester is turned on power overshoot;
  • The isolation voltage of the module is not enough;
  • Hot air gun,refueling in the maintenance many times,
   1) when doing the stand-voltage test increase the voltage 
   2) select the higher stand voltage power supply module;
   3) When welding the power supply module, select the appropriate temperature, avoid repeated welding causing to damage the power module.