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                                  How Does DC DC Buck Converter Circuit Work ?

1# Why does step-down circuit named buck circuit?

Buck Converter's function is to reduce the voltage, the input voltage down (buck down) converted into a lower output voltage, it is also known as step-down converter (Step-Down Converter), and Buck Converter seems to has no meaning to research the history of the name( it’s hard to find out when this words happens), Buck refers to the buck converter, the meaning of Buck Converter (Buck word).

2# DC DC buck converter circuit of the basic functions

DC DC buck converter circuit also named dc dc step-down converter circuit, is one of the basic DC-DC circuit. Mostly used for DC to DC buck switching. Circuit define as made of metal wire and electrical, electronic components of the conductive circuit. Add power supply at the input voltage to produce the terminal potential difference, the circuit can be work fastly. Some intuitive phenomena, such as voltmeter or ammeter deflection, light bulb, etc .; some may need to measure the instrument to know whether it is working properly. According to the current nature of the flow, generally divided into two kinds. DC through the circuit called "DC circuit", alternating current through the circuit known as the "AC circuit."
You can look at the switching power supply or power electronics, will talk about this circuit.

3# DC DC buck converter circuit application.

It is mainly used in the field of low voltage and high current, and its purpose is to solve the conduction loss of freewheel tube problem. Using the normal diode freewheeling, the on-resistance is relative high, when used at high current, very big loss it is. If use the small resistance MOS tube instead of the diode, can solve the loss problem, and also requires higher requirements of the drive circuit. In addition, the Buck circuit using synchronous rectification technology, with MOS tube instead of diode, the circuit stand the topology integrate the Buck And Boost converters, which provides the possibility of implementing bidirectional DC / DC conversion. it has great value where there is a need for unidirectional buck and energy flow in both directions, , such as when used in hybrid electric vehicles. Phase control full-bridge circuit, you can achieve the battery charge and discharge.
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