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                            Hot Selling!!! 1000 vdc to 24vdc converter 

In order to solve the problems of high voltage and voltage fluctuation range, such as photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation etc, the power supply of photovoltaic equipment module power supply was born from CHONDA, and its ultra-wide input range 100-1000VDC (or 200-1200VDC) perfectly release the application problems. At present, the series product is widely used in photovoltaic power generation equipment, like intelligent convergence box, high voltage inverter, energy storage power station battery management system,PV combiner box etc…
1000 vdc to 24vdc converter is typical parameters from clients demand.

Basic performance:
◆ ultra-wide voltage input range: 100-1000Vdc or 200-1200Vdc
◆ output voltage: 5v 9v 12v 15v 24v 48v
◆ output power: 5w 10w 15w 20w 25w 60w
◆ ultra-small package, high power density
◆ high efficiency, ultra-low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection
◆ work stability range: -25- +85 ℃
◆ Output overvoltage protection
◆ Output overload protection
◆ Short circuit protection (self recovery)
◆ pressure level: 4000Vdc
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CHONDA INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is one of the great power converter companies in all over the world. Its aim is to hit the market with such a force that shakes the entire industry as well as earned a name as a brand. The company deals in regulator technology products that are needed most in Military and Medicare Industries. High quality, less expensive and excellence is the main focus of Chondatech. Regarding products, company use modern technology components that make them more reliable and potential to work fast.
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