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May 2016 , Zhongwei CGN Tianyun 130MW PV power plant project was successful in all grid in Ningxia. CGN defender Tianyun 130MW PV power plant project is located in south of Zhongwei City,the project adopts the Distributed inverter system , about 15 kilometers from downtown distance , covering 4106.52 acres of undulating terrain , close to the desert , belongs typical mountainous photovoltaic mode . Shenzhen Wo Wang Electric Co.,TLD with independent research and unique development, integraty design, production and distribution of the inverter system since its launch ,has been highly recognized by their customers and owners . especially with high power output , the beginning of the initial investment cost is low , stable and reliable.

It is reported by Solarbe , Ningxia, China Nuclear Power Station achieve PV power generation block and centralized network solutions .using 55 sets of 1MW distributed inverter system , including 55 sets of 1MW inverter and 880 sets of PV combiner box distributed.  Distributed  Inverter configuration 16 16 to 1 Distributed into combiner box per 1MW inverter , each string of PV input string 20 or 22 selected string PV modules in series , each square MW maximum overweight to 1.11MW power . In the same terrain and the same assembly configuration , compared with other manufacturers, Wo hope Distributed square generating capacity was up more than 3% according to the electricity report since January to March 2016 . Far from the grid , Wo hope Distributed .In a word,Inverter Solution device  is stable, reliable , easy to debug , easy to install and get praise and recognition from clients.

Meanwhile , Solarbe reporter also learned that  Wo hope Distributed inverter systems business since 2013,with its high- power, high intelligence , high return , set easy to maintain as the goal, to provide the best  photovoltaic system  solutions for customers , is the first domestic complete distributed inverter company.

the project's success and power generation once again demonstrated Wo hope Distributed Inverter solutions used in 
large-scale photovoltaic power plants maturity .