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Classification of the power module

There are few level power module on the market.
Aircraft-grade (AA, interpoint, VPT, GAIA, VICOR etc.)
Military-grade (interpoint, VPT, GAIA, VICOR etc.)
Quasi-military grade (GAIA, VICOR etc. Please know that there are many brands of supplements) International, said "COST", most of the self-proclaimed military companies fall into this category.
International Industrial,working temperature generally -40--85(now we know the most famouse brand, such as lambda, COSEL, C & D, ERICSSON, POWER-ONE-peer communication power supply manufacturers, Taiwan's some high-end power supply manufacturers such as TELDA, PDUKE, CINCON etc,.
Industrial grade  (low-end market, domestic mainstream) Operating temperature -20-55
Civil (commercial) grade (low-end market, IC mainstream) Operating temperature -0-55
Consumer-level (low-end market, IC mainstream) Operating temperature 0-55
CHONDATECH export the international industrial ac dc & dc dc power modules to customers only and some cheaper products were made of the Civil grade according to the request of clients where from the Chinese market.Currently,CHONDATECH pour all the efforts & strenghts to the solar PV power supply field,welcome old and new customer more interaction.