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Advantages and Disadvantages of BOOST and BUCK circuit


1# Advantages and Disadvantages of BOOST and BUCK circuit

Today, CHONDA technology wana to share the Advantages and Disadvantages of BOOST and BUCK circuit knowledge.
If you want to boost voltage, can use boost circuit only, and step-down or buck can use buck circuit or linear regulator. In fact, whether it is boost or buck both are switching power supply, they all have high efficient, small size advantages. But they all exist the large ripple, switching noise and high radiation.
Note : boost circuit input current is continuous, the output current is intermittent, use low-side switch; buck circuit input current is intermittent, the output current is continuous, use high-side switch.

2# Buck-Boost Converter Advantages and Disadvantages

Circuit is simple
Voltage can be change from zero to huge, and can be boost or buck
input and output current are pulsating, making the input power of electromagnetic interference and the output ripple larger. So the actual application often add input and output filter;
the switching transistor emitter is non-grounded, so that the drive circuit is complicated.

3# The Significance of the Boost-Buck circuit

Buck / Boost circuit meaning also known as step-up and down conversion circuit, is a output voltage can lower or higher than the output voltage single tube non-isolated DC converter circuit, but the output voltage polarity and input The voltage is reversed. ck / Boost converter can be seen as Buck converter and Boost converter in series.
Buck converter is also known as buck converter, is a output voltage is less than the input voltage of the single tube is non-isolated DC converter. Boost converter also known as step-up converter, is a output voltage higher than the input voltage of the single tube is non-isolated DC converter.
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