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                       AC/DC Converter Knowledge | CHONDA POWER

1# AC/DC Converter classification

AC/DC Converter can be classified according to different forms, mainly as follows
  • according to the appearance: potting module power, open board power supply, iron shell switching power supply.
  • according to input voltage: wide range input series, narrow range input series
  • according to the working temperature: industrial, quasi-industrial, commercial, Military and Medical
  • according to the output number lines : single, positive and negative dual ouput, dual ioslated output.
  • by product application: general power supply, power system power supply, photovoltaic power, etc…

2# What’s definition of wide voltage and narrow voltage?

Narrow voltage means the input voltage range from 165v to 370V, wide voltage means the input voltage range from 85v to 265v

3# How to realize the AC/DC converter primary and auxiliary circuit?

AC-DC converter primary and auxiliary circuit is designed for two or more output products, two or more output AC-DC converter, and one of the output with feedback control, the voltage accuracy of circuit is high can be decide the primary circuit, the other will be the auxiliary circuit. The output voltage accuracy of the auxiliary circuit is generally low and the power is also small.
What should pay attention to when multiple AC DC converter applications? When Multi-output model application, the primary circuit need to load , then the auxiliary line can output the nominal power. The primary line bear load is normally by 20%, the specific reference datasheet.

4# AC/DC converter successful appliactions?

AC DC converter successful industrial, like power, smart home, instrumentation, new energy industry, industrial control and so on.

5# AC-DC converter will be fully inspected before shippment?

Need to conduct a full inspection, from production to storage, need to go through three full inspection : semi-finished product full inspection, finished product inspection, after the full inspection of aging.

6# Does the AC DC power supply product must be aging test before leaving the factory?

Sure, according to the different products, the aging test rate and the time is different

7# How much is AC DC power supplies output ripple ?

AC DC power supplies output ripple generally controlled in 30mV~150mV, 5V output model controlled in mV, 12V output controlled with 100mV, 15v output and 24V output model controlled under 150mV.

8# How to select a reasonable AC DC converter?

Generally considerate with the input voltage, output voltage, output power and the mechanical size factors.