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                                          AC/DC Converter High Quality Single Output 1W/2W

Chonda International Technology company is a world class major manufacturer of AC/DC inverters. This is an AC(Alternating current) to DC(Direct current) power converting inverter that’s 1W/2W. This AC/DC converter of high quality single output has a wide input voltage of 85-264VAC or 110-37VDC. Its isolation voltage is 2500VAC or 3000VAC.

Chonda Tech AC/DC converters are the devices that make conversion possible from Alternating Current to Direct Current. They can also be called rectifiers. AC DC converter can also be known as Switch Mode power supply and used in various household and industrial applications such as air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators and dishwashers.The AC DC converter consists of a rectifier bridge that converts the AC from the input and a regulating device that supplies output for one or multiple DC voltages. The AC/DC inverter works by converting AC sine waves and storing it in a capacitor. The AC DC converter then makes use of a complex power factor correction to reduce the harmonic content of the AC into the approximate sine wave. This is so the AC/DC converter can comply with international standards of AC/DC conversion.

A power system can be assembled to electrically convert high voltage Alternating current to a fixed direct current via an AC to DC inverter in a series of steps. This process involves converting the varying AC voltage to a single DC voltage. The pulsed current is then smoothed and regulated to produce fixed DC output. This is how a AC to DC power converter works. Mathematically, the conversion of AC voltage to DC voltage requires an understanding of the two processes. 

The AC/DC power inverter begins with a step-up or a step-down transformer to increase or decrease voltage of the Alternating current. The transformer consists of two coils bridged by the magnetic filed in the iron core. A rectifier is then added to the AC to DC inverter. It uses four diodes to convert the alternating AC voltage to a single-direction Direct Current voltage.

For high quality AC/DC power converters and inverters from China, Chonda Technology solutions provides them at different voltages and different current levels. All AC to DC inverters are up to world standard and even surpass the standards in most countries  


Suitable for hard wearing, shock resistant applications, Alternating Current /Direct Current inverters are used in computers, televisions, mobile phone chargers and numerous electrical devices. In the real world, they are used in medical systems, military installations and telecommunication equipment. There is no industry that doesn’t require AC/DC inverters. The electricity from electric utility companies is in form of alternating current (AC) while your devices such as your personal computer is direct current(DC). The job of many power supplies is to convert AC power from a wall outlet to DC power using an AC to DC inverter. Different supply powers provide different voltage levels to meet the demand of a specific machine. 

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