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                           6 Factors to Affect the Power Supply Module Life

The life of the power supply module is as unpredictable as the life of a person, but many large data analysis reports have an average life expectancy. Power supply module is also the same, there are mainly factors affect the life of power supply module, so the general power supply module life are based on the average time to non-trouble to measure.

The key material to ensure the life of the power supply module!

Power module life and the use of components also meet the barrel effect, the life of all devices life must meet the required life to ensure the ultimate life of the power supply module. General critical devices are subject to electrical stress, high heat, the machine temperature rise quickly, the temperature of the device internal temperature goes fast, so the temperature affect the device a lot, so the ultimate evaluation of the power converter life particularly important. what are the key components in our power supply that require special attention?

Electrolytic capacitor

Electrolytic capacitors in the power supply module device is the most sensitive to the temperature of the device, from this perspective, the electrolytic capacitor is also a certain extent, determine the life of the power supply device, AC-DC power product is the most prominent performance.

Primary switch tube (MOS tube)

Such switching devices, in a high-speed switch state, suffered a higher voltage stress and current stress. Switching loss caused by the heat will be accelerated aging device, but also vulnerable to external high-voltage interference and breakdown damage.

High frequency power transformer

High-frequency transformers in the energy transmission, the internal loss will lead to its heat, the heat will also affect the distribution of transformer material life. Common transformer failure with insulation breakdown, winding burn, copper wire break and so on.

Multilayer ceramic capacitors 

Patch ceramic capacitors are the most easy to happen problems where the solder joints of the capacitor, and may be cracked due to some stress. In order to minimize the possibility of occurrence, it is recommended to avoid the use of multiple ceramic capacitors in parallel

Output rectifier diodes Diode

Output rectifier diodes Diode is mainly subjected to two electrical stresses, including reverse voltage and forward current, while the diode is also a heating device. In order to ensure the service life of this device, we will be out of the design of sufficient margin, and ultimately to ensure the power of the bulk performance. 


The current transfer ratio (CTR) will gradually decrease over time. In order to keep the loop stable, the current of the LED will increase and eventually reach its limit value, resulting in damage to the optocoupler.

In summary, the value of the power supply module is not the module itself, but rather that we guarantee the quality of the batch quality. What customers need is the safety and reliability of the power supply module, thus reducing the production and maintenance costs of the customer's products. Our company has more than 10 years of experience in power design and manufacturing, and adhere to provide customers with safe and reliable complete power supply system solutions.

The life of the power supply module is determined by the service life of the internal components and PCBs as well as the entire welding and assembly process. In the design to ensure that the power components of the parameters of choice in the production to ensure that the entire welding and assembly of the consistency and operability. This can be from the source to ensure the stability of the power supply and reliability.

CHONDA POWER always consider the list factor as the target to ensure the clients most profit and quality gurantee, till the moment, we have no complains because of the quality problems.