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2014 China (chengdu) electronics show

2014 China (chengdu) electronics show will be held on July 10th-12th in chengdu century city new international exhibition center. As China (chengdu) electronics show in one of the most important point, brings many well-known enterprises together. from a certain extent, reflect the test measures the industry's latest developments.
Trend 1: Mobile communication technology make progress significantly
Smart phone communications standards have risen to LTE, 802.11 ac emerging wireless communication standard, such as mobile r&d and product testing complexity greatly increased; Instrument manufacturers, therefore, have recently to offer a new type of LTE/WLAN multi-function integrated wireless test equipment, all-round support various RF test, in order to assist manufacturers in terms of research and development or product testing system can be a whole, cut overall test time and cost. Instrument manufacturers have also started to research and development, meanwhile, ultra high frequency, high frequency width, and antenna array test and verification techniques is ready to prepare for the future 5G mobile communications market.

Power supply engineers need precision power measurement at the shortest time, in order to cope with greater energy efficiency and lower line pollution new requirements, and a series on reducing energy consumption and increasing government regulations and business requirements, for example, satisfy the above requirements of GaN (gallium nitride) and SiC (SiC) the emergence of new semiconductor technology occur. Although the oscilloscope can be used in the analysis of the basic power, but a more accurate measurement need special power analysis instrument, including solar photovoltaic and wind power and other applications require the equipment.
Trend 3: defined by the software hardware
Software defined instrument measuring the advantages of the system under test becomes more and more prominent, especially for the next generation wireless infrastructure products, such as base station test, on the one hand can cover a variety of wireless communication standard, modular hardware configuration and flexible; On the other hand also can provide professional test management software, combined with the high-performance RF switch, upgrade the system can be easily to multiple parallel test of the equipment under test. Hardware and software integration test of course is a huge challenge for the entire industry, whether it is testing the technology itself, or the combination of the product.