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                                                12V to 5V High Efficiency Low Temperature DC/DC Power Supply

The difference between isolation and non-isolation is that the isolation regulator input circuit and the output circuit are not common, rather than isolated is a common ground. In general, non-isolated have primary and secondary inductance winding, and isolated has a single inductance only. When in the high power and the ground interference protection with high using isolated DC - DC converter, under the highly relatively simple and volume basis use of non-isolated DC - DC converter.
If the linear power supply is a linear adjustment output module (LDO), then the linear module must be non-isolated, so whether the power supply chip is isolated regulator or not, not relate the linear power supply and switching power supply. Isolation and non-isolation are two major categories of switching power supplies.
Here is an example of isolated DC - DC converter.
12V to 5V high efficiency low temperature DC/DC power supply
12V to 5V high efficiency low temperature DC/DC power supply is a mini size fixed input voltage converter,rated output power is 1W isolated unstable single output DC - DC power module. 12V to 5V 1W has the following features:
  • Input: 12V
  • Ouput: 5V
  • Power: 1W or 2W
  • Package: SIP 4PIN
  • 80% high efficiency ( typically)
  •  international sealed PIN package
  •  Very low ripple parameters and the low quiescent current
  • Output  voltage accuracy ≤±10%
  •  meet  UL94-V0 flame retardant standards 
  • High reliability, input and output isolation 1KV
  • Working temperature: -40 ℃ --- +85 ℃, natural cooling
need IO isolated digital circuits, such as isolation RS485, isolated RS232, isolated CAN-bus, isolated IO circuit and IGBT etc power devices use for isolated power supply.
Applicable to the voltage stability without non-high required isolate analog circuit to do the second isolation power supply.
Suitable for distributed power supply system and the use of low-power power supply circuit.
Industry examples: industrial control industry, instrumentation, intelligent transmitter, sensors, network communications equipment, and other fields.